Private Lessons
This course is characterized by the choice of the student to the appropriate times, commensurate with the time and full-time and in turn we provide the teacher throughout his educational program individually to build a tailor-made education tailored to the needs of the student so as to enable the teacher to focus on all the strengths and improvement of the student and Work during the study period. In this case, the student will be given a package at the end of a certain period. He may terminate this package within a few months and may terminate it within a full year depending on the number of shares in the package. The student may also change the appointment date if he has any convincing reason to contact the teacher directly without going back to the institute, or to refer to us if the student wants to change. Teacher or similar. The student can also join a group lessons course as well as tutoring as a kind of reinforcement class in case he feels he is behind the rest of the students because of several absences for example or similar.

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20 lessons (the minimum that students can take as reinforcement lessons with group lessons)
30 lessons (a full level of language) with a validity period of 6 months from the time of registration
31-50 lesson and validity period of 9 months from the time of registration
51-70 Studied and valid for 12 months from the time of registration
70 lessons or more, the validity period is 18 months from the time of registration
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