Our IELTS (International English Language Testing System) course online helps you to prepare for the IELTS exam and give you the skills to get the best possible results. The course is flexible and you can study at any time, on any device. The course includes expertly-crafted lessons on all four IELTS papers (Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking), as well as weekly advice & support from our online IELTS trainer. In addition, the course also includes a bank of grammar activities and video news reports to help you improve every part of your English ability. The clear, easy-to-follow activities prepare you for the IELTS examination and the weekly email contact with our online IELTS mentor means you will always get friendly encouragement and support when you need it.
Getting to know each of the four papers
Strategies for getting a high score
Examination practice questions
Advice and feedback from our IELTS trainers
Vocabulary training for IELTS
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